208: SPI’2019 Community Solar Roundtable

This is one of the few Community Solar sessions that we’ve hosted here on SunCast. In fact, one of today’s guests is a returning guest: Mr. David Amster-Olszewski of SunShare, and he graced the SunCast pages as it were back in January of 2019. He’s joined by another alumnus, Mr. Jake Rozmaryn of Antenna Group, and a longtime friend and someone I’ve wanted to get onto the show Mr. MJ Shiao of Arcadia power. I’ve wanted to interview MJ since his Green Tech Media days so I’m thrilled he was able to participate in this Community Solar Roundtable.

We dig into the hot markets, the how and why of Community Solar, where are the stumbling blocks, but also how do we really see this as a model that can/would expand?

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