209: SPI’2019 Podcaster Roundtable: Jon Powers, Barry Cinnamon and Nico discuss using Podcasts as a marketing channel

This Flashback Friday is with my good friend Jon Powers, whose podcast, Experts Only, is also required listening If you are into the solar and finance of our business, as well as the respectable Mr. Barry Cinnamon, one of the entrepreneurs I admire most in our business. He’s got a long track record not just as a solar entrepreneur, but also as a broadcaster with his show the Energy Show that has been syndicated in California for quite some time.

I admire both this gentlemen for their ability to navigate the conversations so their deep and rich, and I invited them to join me at the Podcast Lounge Live at SPI 2019 specifically to talk about what is going on today within the podcasting activity, and how folks in business are leveraging the power of podcasting to broadcast their message, and not just to start their own podcast as the 3 of us have done it. We give some tips on how you as well can leverage the power of this fast-growing medium for your own business.

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