Today’s guest does not consider herself an entrepreneur, so I’ll give her some other titles. Whether she would be self-referential or not, Mona Dajani is a deal machine. She’s also the only woman ever to be head of energy and infrastructure of a major law firm, and The only lawyer on the board for ACORE. In short, she’s a trusted advisor and has been the steady hand in nearly $100B in renewables transactions. 

Mona unpacks for me the 3 key elements of a ‘good deal’ – Reliable pathway, Risk mitigation, and the reality of the macro-environment.

We also unpack where deals get stuck, what Mona does to relax, and as you’ll hear, she has an infectious laugh. I like to think that contributes greatly to the appeal of this self-proclaimed network-aholic. At times, she appears superhuman, but rest assured, I get Mona comfortable enough to reveal her secrets to success and a life well lived. I know you’ll love seeing the corners she’s peering around.

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