Today’s guest is Rosana Francescato, Communications Director at Clean Coalition, a non-profit organization that drives policy innovation to remove barriers to procurement and interconnection of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), and also collaborates with utilities and municipalities to create near-term deployment opportunities that prove the technical and financial viability of local renewables and other DER.

This conversation took place in the Podcast Lounge back at SPI 2019, and was led by PV Magazine contributors, Christian Roselund and Erica Johnson. Hear Rosana separate fact from dicromato about an often confusing electricity topic: Microgrids! Much has been said about the traditional power grid, but their smaller versions offer viable solutions due to independent control capability, better known as “Island Mode”. Rosana covered this and other benefits that this approach has to offer in supporting our savings grid infrastructure, from phasing out diesel generators, to mitigating risks in the face of natural disasters.

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