Solar energy has often been billed as a luxury item for the rich, yet as a technology it has the power to lift people out of poverty offering energy access and security to the poorest and most isolated communities. But how do we actually achieve this shift in paradigm?

Today I am joined by Alexandra Wyatt, who is the policy and regulatory manager at GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit with a vision for a successful transition to clean, renewable energy that includes everyone

As we’ve highlighted in previous episodes, GRID Alternatives has done significant work for the renewable energy industry, empowering low-income communities and investing in access to solar for all.

This conversation took place in the Podcast Lounge back at SPI 2019, and was led by PV Magazine contributor, Erica Johnson.

Key ideas explored:

  • The California energy crisis

  • Low-income solar incentive programs (Solar-For-All Program)

  • How is policy crucial for low income solar to succeed?

  • The importance of tangible immediate energy-burden reductions

  • Energy policy: State vs National scale *EV and storage for low-income families

  • Diversity and inclusion for the industry

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