If you missed it, this is Part 2 of our two-part conversation with Chuck Swoboda, former CEO of Cree, Inc. It was a phenomenal conversation about his history, and how he got to Cree, Inc.

We will wrap up the conversation today, so I’d encourage you to press pause and listen to Part 1 (if you haven’t already). I’m glad that you’re finding his stories intriguing and you’re looking for more. Chuck didn’t disappoint, so hold on to your hats as Chuck Swoboda and I take a fascinating look at his career leading up to and through Cree’s meteoric rise in the LED world. 

His legacy and impact at CREE, Inc. are legendary, and he’s put many of his fabled stories and lessons learned into his recently launched book, The Innovator’s Spirit, and his fantastic podcast Innovator’s on Tap.

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