If you are new and didn’t yet check out this week’s Tactical Tuesday, I would highly recommend you just hit pause and take a look back at the episode from June 30th as it’ll help set the stage.

If you’re already up to speed on Reactive & Real Power, then power on my friend.

Today’s Entrepreneur is a returning guest, but not just from this week’s Tactical Tuesday. President of Apparent, Inc, Jacqueline Desouza was also one of the featured speakers during our Suncast Clean Energy Summit back in April alongside Jon Bonano and James Pagonis all about going from Innovation to Implementation.

Today, Jacqueline and I explore how Apparent is taking on the task of making clean renewable energy look more like a spinning generator, at least as far as the Grid can tell, and why electric vehicles are ultimately the right testing ground for their technology. With a mix of hardware and software, she and her team are making the complexity of Real and Reactive Power more, well, Apparent.

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