It’s truly an honor every time I get the chance on this show to highlight the work that folks are doing to bring light, electricity, hope and opportunity to those less fortunate. Today’s entrepreneur has traveled the world producing and acting in films, and she has learned what a privilege we have in developed countries to consider electric lights and running water a necessity, not a luxury.

She also has seen first hand how introducing the simplest of light can eradicate darkness in many different ways, and elevate equity, in particular among females, in powerful ways in a community. That’s why Nicole Watson founded Econic Earth Foundation. She’s taking light into dark places from India to Kenya and bringing good news to you and me… and she’s just getting started. 

I encourage you to set aside some time as you hear her story and ponder what you also can do with the freedom and luxuries you’ve been afforded to care for those less fortunate. You may not start a foundation, or even a movement, but you can be sure you have the power to change lives.