Coronavirus has drastically changed the global economy with impacts across every industry, including clean energy and solar development. We may have never seen an economic or public health crisis at this scale, but policy, solar and finance experts have reason to believe that renewable energy can weather this storm and continue to grow. Moreover, the industry can help create jobs and meet public policy goals once we return to a new normal.

How can we navigate current challenges, and what can we expect from the future of solar financing and development? To answer those questions, we hosted a marvelous panel with New York State Senator, Kevin Parker, Member and Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Telecommunications; PPL Director – Solar Development, Brian Fratus; Entersolar Business Development Director, Suparna Kadam; ROTH Capital Managing Director, Philip Shen, and RadiantREIT co-founder, Jim Spano.

Today’s episode is a recap of one of our Live webinars back in May.