Welcome to another Tactical Tuesday, a short-form conversation with subject-matter experts designed to give you practical tools, tips and advice for building your solar business or career.

We’re so excited to be back with you for SPI, ESI & NORTH AMERICA SMART ENERGY WEEK 2020 in its new virtual format. Alongside my friend Glenda Johnson, we’re stoked to have been invited back by the SPI team to bring you an exciting new segment – the SunCast Weekly Roundup. This is a recap of week 1, where interesting sessions like “Closing the Circuit: Outlooks for a Cleaner Electricity System” or “Get on Board: Engaging Stakeholders in Developing Grid Modernization Plans” took place.

In today’s episode, you’ll be able to hear insights from clean-energy thought leaders like Anne Hoskins, Virinder Singh, and Fatima Ahmad, as they share with us their insights on week 1 sessions, as well as their experience of participating in this fully-virtual format of North America’s most popular cleantech tradeshow.