This week’s entrepreneur is someone who’s risen to the title of CEO of the largest public power, gas, and electric utility in the United States, CPS Energy down in San Antonio. If you’re from Texas, then this episode is especially for you.

Paula Gold-Williams is the President & CEO of  CPS Energy, a company that has over 3,100 employees and more than two billion dollars in annual revenue. Paula leads more than 3,100 team members with the vision she has coined “People First,” whereby CPS Energy is evolving its efforts to create and deliver value to its customers, community, and employees into a new age of energy solutions.

I was impressed with the thoughtfulness that she and her team have crafted around a massive renewable energy commitment. They’ve just rounded out an RFI for 900 megawatts of solar and storage, which is a historic amount of renewable energy to be added to the CPS portfolio.