Special shoutout to Nicole Watson from Iconic Earth Foundation back in Episode 277 for the intro to Dr. Phil Watts, today’s entrepreneur.

Dr. Watts studied aeronautical engineering at McGill University, and went on to earn his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering Sciences from Caltech, where he lobbied for on-campus recycling and green buildings. Upon graduation, he worked as a research scientist for around a decade, publishing more than 30 scientific papers in some of the top peer-reviewed journals in the world. This pioneering work, carried out with renowned academic colleagues, created the foundations for a brand new field of science and resulted in at least one paper being referenced more than 100 times.

Today’s story is about a critical moment in 2002 when his daughter was born, and the newspaper headlines rang alarm bells that would forever change the history for him and his family, as well as how he showed up to the world. Stick around to find more about what has happened ever since.