I have really enjoyed the conversations that I’ve been having with Miss Emilie Wangerman, the Vice President of Business Development for Lightsource BP. Emilie has over 8 years of experience in power markets and energy policy, on both the buy-and-sell side of solar, storage, and distributed energy resources (DERs), as well as experience with generation and electric system operations and utility rate design, which is complemented by her background in technology development and process engineering.

We go deep into how Emily started at Lightsource how she has grown into an executive in the industry, and the intentional and not so intentional decisions that led her down that path. We also take a look at the way her experience at previous firms like PG&E and GE which have informed some of the decisions that she now gets to execute inside the marketplace. It’s a wide-ranging conversation with someone I find particularly very interesting, and I hope you will too.