We’re going to jump into what I expect to be a very exciting and interesting conversation with Mark Mrohs, a true solar pioneer. A couple of things as his accreditations just to set the stage, Mark was Training Director for ARCO Solar Inc, Siemens Solar, AstroPower, SunPower, SunEdison, of course, he’s an instructor for Solar Energy International, and he was a Technician at Spectrolab Inc. before that.

He’s also had some time now focused on virtual reality with a young company called Interplay Learning down in Austin. Mark has had such a fascinating life and it’s all centered around training in the solar photovoltaic industry.

It’s been so long coming that I sat down with Mark for a long period of time, just catching up and having fun. We’ve broken this conversation down into Two Episodes. What got Mark into the industry? A deep dive into how he thinks about education and how the education of our industry is evolving.