I’m honored that you’re joining us for another fantastic foray into the world of solar energy. And I’m even more honored that you’re tuning in this week. Merry Christmas to all of you listening.

Some of you will identify with today’s guests and the problems that he solves. If you’ve spent any time developing large or small solar projects, you know it can be an endless string of whack-a-mole in terms of organizing, checking off tasks, data rooms, diligence, checklists, Dropbox, Excel, Asana, Salesforce, the tools are disorganized, and the tasks disjointed. It’s always baffled me why after 15 plus years, seems like we’re lacking a better way to organize and manage solar projects.

Today’s guest, Philip Bruner, was frustrated as well. After Philip had struggled with the data disorganization of developing his own projects, he went on the search to find and then to create a tool that would solve it. And ENIAN was born. His journey to build software as a non-technical co-founder is one that I found insightful and entertaining. I hope you’ll stick around and learn as well from his approach and maybe even his mistakes.