Merry Christmas to you. If you’re tuning in today, it is Christmas Eve. Yes, we are still publishing because it’s Thursday. I hope that you’ll get a ton of value from today’s story. We can keep this short and sweet because Benigno Villareal and his story speak for themselves. Many of you have likely never heard of Vive Energía unless you’re doing business in Mexico. Over there, Benny and his partners have developed a massive portfolio and track record reputation across wind and solar. And I’ve long wanted to know how it all came together. Today, you get to listen in on that very discussion.

Benny Villarreal heads “Vive Energia”, a Renewable Energy Company. He is credited for leading the teams responsible for the development, financing and ultimately the construction and commissioning of nearly 1 GigaWatt of Mexico´s currently installed Renewable Energy Generation capacity. For the last fifteen years, Dr. Villarreal has been intensely cooperating with the Mexican Government and diverse NGOs to obtain the basic legal framework to better develop the renewable energy market in Mexico.