I am honored to have you joining me yet again for another foray into the world of clean and solar-powered energy. Merry Christmas, and happy almost new year to all of you who are listening during the holiday season.

Ryan Simpson is the head of marketing for Trina solar North America. He and I have been fellow sales and marketing colleagues and solar warriors in the hardware side of the PV industry now for going on two decades. I love hearing how he parlayed his experience working for McDonald’s into a marketing role like Kyocera, for example, he’s one of the funniest and savviest marketers I know in the industry. So I’m honored to finally get to share some of these stories. Ryan brings old school tactics for new school tech.

With his decade-plus of experience in solar, Ryan has been instrumental in launching new and innovative products, developing and opening new markets and channels, introducing new marketing platforms, and creating technical documents to help companies achieve success. Today, Ryan drives the support levels of Trina’s product management and marketing efforts that develop additional market share for Trina in North America.