If you listened to Episode 261, then you’re no stranger to Mr. Sheldon Kimber of Intersect Power. But I wanted to bring Sheldon back, especially in this month, where we’re thinking hard about what can the current administration and our industry do to elevate our voice to ensure we take massive action on climate change.

Sheldon wrote an article back in the fall, and it got a fair amount of traction on LinkedIn (even Jigar Shah and many others commented on it). I wanted to bring Sheldon on to talk specifically about this article that he wrote, titled “software is eating the world, but steel is the hardware runs on” and it’s a reply to Marc Andreessen’s essay “It’s time to build” where he posits that we don’t have the drive to build the infrastructure and that complacency is killing the opportunity. Not so, says Sheldon…and we get into just exactly why we need to Dream in Steel again!

I hope that you’ll tune in and listen up to this dialogue where Sheldon and I dive into how clean energy as an industry is, like building the Intercontinental railroad, building the infrastructure like dams, and many other facets of the reconstruction of our country in postwar times.