Today, we are going to have an intrapreneur and entrepreneur, a friend of mine down in Austin, Texas called Zack Livingston, Head of Sales at ClearTrace. We’ll get into the ins and outs of carbon accounting, and all the reasons why it has not to date been done very well, and how his company ClearTrace is leveling up their game and yours.

ClearTrace is a cloud-based SaaS company enabling stakeholders to track, trace, and manage their clean energy footprint. Zach was previously the ‘Vice President of Sales and Head of the Americas’ at Locus Energy and became the ‘Director of Sales – USA’ at AlsoEnergy after Locus and Also merged. Both companies supplied solutions for the monitoring, analytics and performance optimization of renewable energy assets.

Earlier in Zach’s career, he spent time interning in the Clinton Foundation’s Executive Office, working with the former President and his immediate staff, and interning for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s clean water advocacy group, Riverkeeper.