Today’s entrepreneurs are certainly no stranger to the start-up ride, as they have started a number of companies. Most recently, they have made it all the way to Round Three of the National Renewable Energy Labs’ American-Made Solar Prize, which we’ve discussed here before.

Tim Matus and Steve Arters are intrapreneurs I’ve come to respect and making it that far in the solar prize is something noteworthy. They created automated robots that help us maintain solar sites, which is something that I took note of and I thought that you might find it interesting as well, not just the technology, but how exactly they got around to the technology, including some tinkering around in their garage, as all good startup stories should include.

Their company, Renu Robotics was launched in February of 2018 to address initiatives to control costs on utility-scale solar farms. The collaboration of ideas led to interest in creating flexible autonomous robots able to be fitted with many different implements.