This episode will be different to the Tactical Tuesdays and long-form Thursday episodes we always publish. This is a mini episode if you will. Sometimes we do this on Fridays or other days, when we have a guest that has extraordinary information that we want to share with you and it’s timely, but doesn’t fit in our normal production schedule.

If you are a Texas resident or if you’ve been watching what’s happening in Texas, you should know by now that there is a crisis in ERCOT. There’s a crisis in the electricity markets as well as a humanitarian crisis right now as a result of hard snowstorms. And since I’m not in Texas, but I have friends down there, I called on just such a friend, Mr. Evan Caron.

He’s an Austin resident, who is an energy trader and really deeply understands this market. So if you have been trying to figure it out, understand what the heck is happening in that market, we are here to give you some answers.