This is 2Fer Tuesdays. Whether that’s a Tactical Tuesday or just content from one of our many live events like SPI Podcast Lounge, this is going to be a short form conversation, typically with subject matter experts designed to give you the practical tools, tips and advice for building your solar business or career and grow with us here on SunCast.

What you are about to hear is content from our Career Summit, a fantastic series of conversations all about not only how to find your dream job, the perfect opportunity to transition into clean energy as a career but also how as an industry we can improve the concepts of hiring with justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Hear from a panel of industry professionals who have landed their dream job (or internship). Take a look at their journey and get a few tips in helping you take on that next step.

Related to the conversation that we’re having today is our Dream Job Coaching Program, which we call Mission-Minded. You can learn more about that at events.mysuncast.com/dreamjob.