As we celebrate the impact of women in our culture, the way that women increasingly are being recognized as better leaders as better and more empathic executives in businesses, it’s been a real privilege and honor to be able to have some of my friends and folks that inspire me on the show.

This week on SunCast, as we wrap up Women’s History Month, I am so excited to be able to bring to you a fearless leader. Today’s entrepreneur is someone that I genuinely appreciate in the world and in the solar industry. Andrea Luecke is an entrepreneurial leader with a diverse international background. Over the course of a decade, she took an organization you may be familiar with, The Solar Foundation, from idea to globally renowned organization that’s responsible for some of the industry’s most trusted and valuable research and education.

As a means for creating more efficiencies and impact, Andrea led The Solar Foundation through a strategic merger with the Interstate Renewable Energy Council and made a voluntary commitment in to step down from her role following a successful merger agreement. This recently allowed Andrea to become free to launch a consulting firm – ALL IMPACT CONSULTING – with her 8-year-old daughter and be entrepreneurial once again in her approach to solving problems related to climate, the workforce, and equity.