Today I talk to Ram Ambatipudi about his long history in energy and how that brought him into the world of Electric Vehicles. When Ram left business school in 1995 he headed straight to Southern California Gas Company. Turns out, being on the inside of the world of utilities would prove an unmatched advantage for him as moved through his career, from wind at Enron to PV at SolSource and then Large Scale Renewables for Chevron. But he didn’t stop there, co-founding one of the nations leading electric vehicle charging stations, EV Connect, in 2008. Today he is he VP of Business Development for this rapidly growing company.

Ram is full of advice about sales, especially in expanding your range so can talk to all parts of the customer’s big picture. You won’t want to miss his stories, from the “old days” of PV to the fast pace EV market of today. Listen to our conversation right here on Suncast.