{{short-ad}} What does it look to disrupt an industry? What does it take to make a career of it? And as Jim Collins suggested, WHO do you need to get on the bus?

In Today’s episode Nico gets into these details with Solar pioneers Daniel Flanigan and Charles Pimentel as we navigate their clean energy career paths through Offgrid solar, Hydrogen (Plug Power), Solar modules & Development (Canadian Solar, Solar Frontier), Installation & Construction (Zep Solar, Solar City, Tesla, Depcom) & more! Along the way, we discover how & why they have come together for a second time to upend a well-established sector of the market (Utility-scale solar deployment) through innovation, timing and ultimately building a great team – this time, with Erthos.

The discussion focuses on changing the way we all think about developing, designing, constructing, and operating utility scale solar plants. The $19B solar tracker market is but a slice over the overall market, but Erthos is taking on some of the industry titans with a “new way” of doing things reminiscent of Daniel’s time at Zep.

Erthos has assembled a veritable dream team of industry veterans to bring a very simple solution to what is otherwise a pretty complicated and risky business, constructing solar plants, in an attempt to, as they put it, “fundamentally transform the utility-scale solar industry globally”.  They’re on a quest and taking the industry norms head on to do just that. Will it work? What could stop them? Tune in and let me know Your takeaways, or push back. Either way, we welcome the dialogue, and hope you enjoy this one.