Today, Nico shares his 400th conversation with clean energy experts on Suncast. Each episode investigates a small piece of the big puzzle by asking CEO’s, founders, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders to share their story and answer questions like “how did you get here?” and “where are you going?” One by one, these intimate conversations help unite a tribe of energy professionals from all sectors, walks of life and stages in their careers, recognizing that we have so far to go and many, many more people to integrate into the #CleanEnergyRevolution.

Episode 400 brings back past guest and close friend of the podcast, Mike Silvestrini of Energea (Episode 085). Since his last appearance, Mike & Co. have created a clean energy investment platform empowering anyone to own renewable energy projects with above-average returns, for as little as $100. Let’s face it; We need over $1 Trillion a year moving toward climate action to the damage climate change is already having. Mike and his co-founder, Chris Sattler, are moving money to make a difference, first building renewable power projects in Brazil and now the US and Africa, continuing to track global trends looking for the best places to invest in growing markets. Hear how it works, is it really as simple as an app?… and what markets is Energea eyeing next?


Disclosure: Spero Ventures (the parent company of SunCast Media) is an investor in Energea, and Nico is a Board Member.