Residential Solar finance is a hot hot market, and few companies have stormed the proverbial castle and taken a leadership position so decisively as Sunlight Financial. On the surface, it looks like a rather traditional “this banker left his banking job for another banking job” kind of story. But as you’ll hear in today’s interview with Sunlight’s CEO, Matt Potere, it’s anything but “traditional”. Son of a gas station owner, Matt says “I grew up in the Hamptons like many did, but now quite in the same way they did”. In truth, while the hedge fund manager’s families were headed to vacation, it was Matt and his family who filled their cars on their way. Those years of entrepreneurial insight gleaned helping with the family business helped create the leader Matt has become. And in today’s interview, you’ll learn a lot more about a man who has overcome tremendous odds to lead one of the most successful solar finance institutions to come along in a decade.

Matt serves as Sunlight’s CEO and is a member of the Board of Directors. Over the past 25 years, Matt has held leadership roles in credit, business development and strategy from Fortune 50 companies to venture capital backed start-ups. Since joining Sunlight from Bank of America (where he was a Senior Vice President responsible for the Bank’s $90 billion home equity portfolio), he’s formed a team that has helped 150K families go solar, finances ~$200Million/mo in loans, and recently became a publicly traded company!

There’s a lot to dig into today, so sit back and enjoy

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