Welcome back, Solar Warrior. This is a SunCast Rewind that’s also a Tactical Tuesday, typically a short form conversation with subject matter experts designed to give you the practical tools, tips, and advice for building your solar business or career.

Today is a special collaboration with Mike Casey from Tigercomm as host of our Quarterly Podcasters Roundtable. Originally recorded live as a video interview (watch it on youtube!), this idea was inspired by Tigercomm’s quarterly Cleantech Editor’s Roundtable series, which has grown in popularity during the pandemic. As it progressed, we kept hearing from people who wanted to hear from cleantech podcasters. While the full-time editors have a breadth of view, our podcaster panelists have depth of view because their shows delve into companies, leaders and trends.

Today, we feature seven cleantech podcasters: Marie Burgquist, Watts Up Podcast  Nico Johnson, SunCast  Tim Montague, Clean Power Hour Bill Nussey, Freeing Energy  Josh Porter, SolarCoaster Jon Powers, Experts Only Julia Pyper, Political Climate