Starting, failing, transparency, humility, organization, leadership, family, burnout…these are just some of the themes that emerged in today’s riveting discussion with Reid Wuntke.

Reid is a highly intentional and focused leader. You may recognize him as President of one of the world’s leading solar software platforms, Energy Toolbase, but he came into the Renewables field with the same thoughtful intention that led him to the Royal Canadian Airforce, McKinsey, various high-growth startups, and ultimately Pason (ETB’s parent company). He wanted to see good people and good ideas succeed.

Most of us in the solar industry include ETB as a critical component in the proposal process. Yet, Reid and Energy Toolbase aim to bring the bigger picture in focus for their customers with modeling tools (of course), monitoring and data analytics that help realize the role of each install as part of a high-functioning clean energy portfolio. It’s what Reid and the team refer to as being both the “promise maker” and “promise keeper” to the industry and our renewable energy consumers.

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