Nathan Jovanelly believes everyone should have the right to purchase clean energy.

In today’s discussion, we talk about his childhood in a blue collar family, how he almost enlisted in the military, and how discipline and diligence paved the way to success, first in engineering and now as the Director of Business Development for IGS Solar.

As is often the case, good relationships and excellent work reputation brought him to IGS, the largest retailer of energy in the US(!), where he helped diversify their energy portfolio by launching IGS Solar. What were the key advantages Nate and IGS had over the competition when launching this fast growing division?

Cash and a tax appetite. Nate goes into how & why, but you’ll need to click “Play” to digest it all.

We also talk about some of the strategies they used to become efficient experts in these markets, and about creating financing options for those that otherwise wouldn’t have access to solar. Along the way, they’ve innovated in tech interfaces that the customer can easily understand.

You’ll also get a dose of inspiration as we dig into his weekly Monday Motivations Linkedin Series. He’s also not afraid to change his mind, we ponder his changing perspectives on battery storage and access to renewables for low- and middle-income Americans. Listen to his “bold predictions” and more gems from our conversation, here on episode 413 of Suncast.

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