This is the Full-length interview with Energy Ogre founder and CEO Jesson Bradshaw, who also appeared on the podcast a couple of weeks ago on a Tactical Tuesday. In this episode, I learned:

  • Why TX is an attractive place for industry
  • How deregulated markets work
  • The perspective of a retail energy provider
  • How you can be sure you’re getting the best electricity prices

I was surprised to hear Jesson say that he and his team are really in the education business, bringing attention to Texas’s deregulated electricity industry by discussing topics such as renewable energy, future technologies, and consumer services.

We talk about how deregulated markets work, in particular Texas as one of the great experiments of deregulating energy supply. Jesson was just out of gradschool when he was hired by a Natural Gas company who needed someone to man the overnight desk of their new endeavor: electricity! It was the 90s and a brand new market was hitting the world, trading energy. Jesson worked with ERCOT trading energy for the fist time. In our conversation today, he shares what it was like to ride this wave and he helps demystify the complicated elements the Texas market. With over 100,000 customers, Energy Ogre has helped save over $150 million for their clients. Don’t miss this deep dive on how electricity deregulation affects your business.

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