You need to tell compelling stories. Rain Bennett can help.

In his recent TED Talk, “You Don’t Get Hired for Your Expertise” Rain breaks down what you DO get hired for in a very personal and compelling way. Moreover, in today’s Tactical Tuesday, Rain and I break down exactly how he does it, and I extract the lessons you can apply to your very next creative project.

Rain is an accomplished film producer and storyteller, and every presentation he gives is engaging and memorable. But how does he do it? How does he grab our attention and hold it until he’s sure the message is clear? This episode highlights his step-by-step approach. Yes it’s good enough for a book, but guess what, the book isn’t out yet! You have to listen, but I’m sure you’ll want to pre-order “Six Second Stories”.  

On the blog I link to his Ted Talk and the book pre-release. But also, be sure you’re subscribed to the podcast so you don’t miss the Full conversation with Rain coming this Friday.  

There’s a lot we dig into today, so sit back and enjoy

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