Few Clean Energy entrepreneurs are as familiar with the bumpy road from coal to clean energy as Kiran Bhatraju. The son of an immigrant doctor, Kiran grew up in a rural Kentucky town where the economy practically depended on coal.  His knowledge on the subject is deep enough and his perspective unique enough that he even wrote a book on the subject.  From author, (check out his biography of Eulla Hall called Mud Creek Medecine) to Capitol Hill, Kiran has learned how to read people, policy and trends well enough to predict the nexus and go where the puck is headed (as our friends from the great North would say).  Which is what led him, through sales and start ups, to the energy sector, and ultimately to found Arcadia.     They synced the first utility account with their platform in 2014. Since then, utilities nationwide use Arcadia to unlock and standardize energy data, helping innovators create the products and services to decarbonize our grid and make energy cleaner and smarter, and helping customers around the country connect to renewable energy sources. Today, Kiran shares his secrets to building a power-team, holding on to enthusiasm and attracting employees that are on a mission.    And Arcadia has a bold mission to decarbonize the grid and empower utilities and communities with affordable clean energy…want to learn how? Tune in to today’s episode.

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