FRIDAY BONUS EPISODE.  Today’s episode is EXTRAORDINARY and is not limited to energy professionals.  It’s about storytelling, and I bring it to you, solar warrior, because I love this industry and I want to inspire each one of you to tell your unique story to the world.  You give me hope. Your hard-earned skills, aspirations, drive and creativity are making this industry a permanent fixture in the Energy Transition, not just a passing fad.  Sure, you’re an expert.  That’s why you’re here.  But I hate to break it to you, no one cares about your expertise.  They care about YOU, and why you choose to do this.  So listen hard, because this episode is a little like therapy.  Rain and I work on bringing out the story in every human, the unique intersection of your past and your present, and the boldness to say it outloud, maybe on your website, maybe even on the stage.  This is beyond branding.   This is how you get to your Story. 

There’s a lot we dig into today, so sit back and enjoy

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