Today’s Thanksgiving Episode features Youness Scally, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit, Everybody Solar. Over the past ten years, they’ve developed systems to aid other nonprofits and charitable organizations in installing their on solar projects, and he did it all as a side-project! Hear what it’s like to tackle the details of solar installation from the nonprofit perspective, how many “no’s” he got before he found a “yes”, how they get a job done now, the ups and downs of fundraising and the big picture they always try to keep in focus. I’m continually inspired by my guests and Youness is no exception. He balances his own CPA practice while running Everybody Solar with both humility and focus, empowered by a dynamic and diverse team of board members and a world-changing list of projects.

You’ll love this episode and if, like me, you’re compelled to support one of their projects, head over to our blog for more details and links. Listen Now.

There’s a lot we dig into today, so sit back and enjoy

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