Today is Giving Tuesday, yes, yes it is a real thing, and each year we highlight the GivingTuesday campaign of one Nonprofit that we see doing world-changing things. This year we are thrilled to highlight GivePower, one of the most impactful nonprofits in both rural electrification and clean water. If you missed it, we had GivePower’s President, Michele Magee, on Episode #388 of SunCast and we were inspired, but we also didn’t dive deep enough into how their partnership programs work! This time, we’ve got Aparna Mohla (VP Corp. Partnerships) and Benjamin Materna (VP Deployment) to share about their global projects, their massive impact and their unique approach to donor engagement.

If you’re as impressed as I was with their organization, please follow this special Suncast Giving Tuesday donately link and donate $20, which provides clean water for one person for 20 years! As a special bonus, every donation will contribute to funding a Trek for 10 people from the SunCast Audience (to be selected at a future date)! Listen in to learn what a Trek is, and give to be considered for 1 of those prized 10 slots! Listen Now.

Donate Here: https://donate.givepower.org/suncastmedia