Bill Nussey’s book comes out TODAY! Freeing Energy: How Innovators Are Using Local-Scale Solar and Batteries to Disrupt the Global Energy Industry from the Outside In is a handbook for navigating the clean energy transition. Last week, we released a 2+ hour in depth interview with Bill. Today, we’ve got a highlights reel, to help you get to know the author and share some key points from that longer episode. There is A LOT that we trimmed in this abridged episode, so if you want to get the FULL interview (and I humbly submit you do), you’ll need to queue up Ep 421.

Bill is on a mission to understand how the transition to Clean Energy will benefit us all, especially with regard to what he refers to as “Local Energy”. His book explores the history and future of the Grid, why the coming infrastructure and investment wave is the biggest we’ve ever seen, and goes VERY deep into how you can play your part!

In our interview we get the backstory on how & why the Freeing Energy book came to life, why you need to read it, and even where we think you’ll find the best nuggets if you’re a longtime #SolarWarrior!

Listen now, and get your copy TODAY!