I’ve said it a lot from the pulpit of SunCast, but there really is a LOT that the Renewable energy sector can still learn from the traditional power sector. The fundamentals of how the power sector works can often feel like a lost art.

Today’s guest, Mitchell Samuelian, recounts the many stories and examples where he helped fill those gaps in skills and knowledge from his early days in Renewables as the first O&M Hire at First Solar to his roles leading site maintenance & operations at NRG, Clearway and more. And, in so doing, I’d like to introduce you to a brand new company he’s leading, Tonian Renewables!

When we recorded this episode, Mitch’s newest venture didn’t even have a name yet.  And the leaders of this new O&M rollup are some of the players that have helped make sure large solar and wind projects stay online in the industry for awhile now.  Mitch is the operations glue that binds them all together.  He has a fascinating “how I got here” story, constantly showing up to manage O&M for some of the world’s most iconic solar plants, recruiting talent in record time, engaging his well-oiled team in trainings and professional development, and with nothing but sincere humility, graciously accepting the next biggest project.  Which is how he came to be CEO of this newest venture, because it sounds like he’s got one more Ivanpah-sized venture in his bag of tricks before retirement.

Ladies and Gentlemen, LISTEN NOW to this honest and engaging conversations with the CEO of what may be the most exciting new O&M startup in the business. 

There’s a lot we dig into today, so sit back and enjoy

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