Jason MacDuff is President of greenpenny, a virtual carbon-neutral bank dedicated to financing a sustainable tomorrow.  Money deposited in greenpenny is secure, earns interest, and is only used to finance renewable energy systems and carbon reducing efficiency projects – no fossil fuels.  And greenpenny has been offering their residential and commercial solar loans in the midwest for longer than just about anyone. As Jason said, “It’s time for banks to offer green products and services  that empower customers to take their own climate actions.” But greenpenny is distinct in the market because unlike most solar financiers or banking fintech startups, it’s part of an actual century-old midwestern bank!

After 24 years at Wells Fargo, Jason was ready for a change.  He took two years off to travel the world and came back with a new perspective & passion, determined to use his experience in banking to make serious progress on climate change.  It’s a big leap from major bank to banking entrepreneur.  We talk about the challenges, frustrations, inspirations and big ideas of his role leading greenpenny, including their unique approach to solar loans (and the long heritage doing so), hiring (they’re hiring!), pivoting and fine tuning the marketing message.  Hear all about where he came from and where he’s going, right here in our conversation on Suncast.