Andrew Birch, affectionately referred to by many as simply “Birchy”, joins Nico in this live interview [rebroadcast] from the Intersolar N. America expo hall floor from Thursday January 13, 2022. Birchy is the Godfather of online solar sales (you may remember him as the co-founder and CEO of Sungevity), and always has keen insight into what’s trending and what to consider within the fast-growing distributed solar arena.

Birchy had just come from the CALSSA “Save our Solar Jobs Rally” in LA, and gives an update on the state of the industry in light of the recent negative press on CA’s NEM3.0 ruling. 

From the CALSSA website:

“The CPUC’s proposed decision on NEM-3 would destroy net metering, ending our state’s clean energy leadership and decimating our industry, and our jobs, in the process. This is our SOS, our chance to make our voices heard and insist that the PUC change course. Now is the time to go big.

Our industry is on the line. Our jobs and livelihood are at stake. This is it.”

And thousands did – they shut down their offices all over the state, took the day off, and came down from the roof for one morning to be there! If you couldn’t make it, you’re in luck because Nico asks Birchy for an update from the front lines. He then goes into what he sees as trends for the coming year as well as what he’s changed his mind about (and it might surprise you, it did Nico!)

Special thanks to Drone Base for supporting this live interview.

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