How did Zvi Alon become Chairman and CEO of one of the early MLPE pioneers, Tigo Energy? By believing in the strategy he mapped out and invested in! When the original founders lost hope in the plan, Zvi stepped in, and the rest is history. Hear today how one of the iconic power electronics companies birthed here in Silicon Valley stayed alive amidst the Asian manufacturer influx to the solar power electronics sector. And Tigo didn’t just stay alive, but managed to thrive, driving innovation across the value stream, pioneering & championing change in the way rooftop solar was installed, at least in the USA that is.

We get a rare glimpse of the inside story from the man who made it happen, Zvi Alon. 

Zvi recently hired past SunCast guest (and longtime friend) Jing Tian as their Chief Growth Officer. Jing joins Zvi in this interview to discuss what got her excited about sparking Tigo’s new chapter of growth. And, of course, we get into their big news, the launch of a residential storage product to compete head to head not just with Enphase and Solaredge but Tesla, Generac and the rest of the field!

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have time with Zvi, which I have patiently waited for since I first met him in 2016! Now, you don’t have to wait. 

You’re welcome. Press Play.

Link to Jing’s previous blog post: https://mysuncast.com/suncast-episodes/041