Many will instantly recognize the popular NPR Quiz show “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!”

If you don’t, you really have missed one of the all-time-great NPR staples.

Well, at Intersolar North America last month, Scott Nguyen, CEO of Bodhi Solar, and I hosted a very special version [Scott’s brainchild] of WWDTM – the Solar Edition!

Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me is a very entertaining quiz show built off real life stories from current events; as you might suspect, the solar edition draws from real (and hard-to-believe) stories curated from the solar industry at-large. We had a special group of panelists help deliver the stories (and some levity): Mark Culpepper from Dronebase, Kathy Heilmann from Shoals Technology Group and Stan Pipkin from Lighthouse Solar. 

You are going to love the stories, and I hope it leaves you laughing, or at least wanting more! Join us for a fun and interesting time and play along to see how well you would have done on the show.

Should we do more like this? Shoot me a LinkedIn Message and lmk! (you can find my profile link below)

And, congrats to our 3 winners – one even got a DRONE plus Nico’s voice on his real-life voicemail system, just like Carl Castle on the real WWDTM! 

Will YOU be the next winner?

Special thanks to DroneBase for sponsoring this Live recording. You can learn more about Drone Base’s thermographic imaging services and global Aerial Mapping technology at