This week we’re excited to welcome our guest, John Farrell, to Suncast. John Farrell is an author, a podcaster, co-director of the Institute of Self Reliance, and leads the Energy Democracy Initiative. He has also been featured in the New York Times and is widely known as a “guru of distributed energy.” 

On this week’s episode, we were able to get some deeper insights from him specifically focused around: 

1.) The Institute of Self Reliance, their mission, and how that fits in to address the needs of marginalized communities

2.) Empowering local energy through his current work and spotlighting additional programs like the “Our Power Maine” campaign

3.) His predictions on the next shift in the market including what he finds to be a “one-in-a-generation” opportunity 

From his writing of “Energy Self Reliant States” to his present work and outlook on Energy Democracy, John Farrell is a force and voice that champions local communities and their power to decide and structure their energy future. And while there are always new evolutions happening in the industry, his understanding of the current barriers to solar development, how certain states are addressing it, and its potential impact moving forward was particularly enlightening. This was an excellent opportunity to speak with another leading voice in this field and an illuminating conversation to match. I am sure you will enjoy this episode, so be sure to tune in!