Happy Tuesday, Solar Warriors! 

If you’ve been keeping up with our podcast, then you’ll remember Alex Williams, CEO of Solar Energy Partners, who appeared on the show at the beginning of this month. In that episode, we talked at length about his company and his success in mobilizing over 1000 people into high-performing solar sales. 

And while his success is undoubtedly inspiring, too often, we can fixate on trying to replicate results without sufficiently investigating the habits, mindsets, or other tools that were instrumental on the road to success. Well, on today’s Tactical Tuesday, we cover personal development and how it positively impacted Alex Williams along his upward journey. 

Alex Williams is a strong proponent for personal development and its potential utility in business and beyond. Personal development is an area that generally encompasses skills and activities to increase self-awareness, improve life skills, and facilitate unlocking potential. Specifically here, Alex attests to the efficacy of the “Unleash the Power Within” personal development coaching event offered by world-renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins. As he puts it, “I’ve had five major periods of explosive growth in my life, and every one of them was preceded by a Tony Robbins event.” What a solid testament to the life-transforming power of intentionally seeking to grow in this area.

Although it is impossible to fully condense the 3-day event down into a limited podcast episode, we were able to glean critical insights that Alex has learned along the way, including: 

— Energy states (what they are, how they are created and in what way it impacts growth) 

— Priming the mind for success in the face of adversity or a new challenge 

— Understanding the power of the mind and tackling limiting beliefs 

After all, the road to success in Clean Energy and beyond is paved with new challenges awaiting. And for all resources dedicated to assisting with navigating obstacles in business, there certainly deserves a spotlight on resources that cultivate the inner person. 

Accordingly, I am happy to bring you this week’s episode. I found it incredibly edifying, and I hope you will experience the same!