Today’s Tactical Tuesday features Derick Lila, the founder of PV Buzz (a platform focused on the North American Solar industry.) Recently, he made an interesting post on LinkedIn about Black History month and its emphasis on “black awesomeness” while overlooking issues related to black wellness. The post was particularly notable as the theme of this year’s Black History Month is centered around Black health and wellness. 

I commented as I am prone to do, and it struck a chord, so I asked Derick to come on SunCast and let’s discuss it.

Truth be told: It is relatively easy to fall into “celebrating” Black History by solely focusing upon the accomplishments of the past. In contrast, true celebration seems to encompass the whole of the culture, including considering the present struggles of black communities. 

In light of this, today’s Tactical Tuesday discussion focuses on exploring the mental health side of entrepreneurship, through the lens of a fellow entrepreneur, who happens to be Black. We also focused our conversation on the here and now, specifically as it relates to the Solar industry, where Derick candidly shared his insights on navigating beyond political correctness and distilling race-related quandaries down to a simple question: “What is the right thing to do?” Additionally, we touched on climate change and its adverse (and potentially disproportionate effects) on the black community. Finally, we discussed Clean Energy and the ongoing journey towards achieving access and equity serving the Black community. 

It’s raw. It’s real. And for some, it might even make you uncomfortable. But it’s a worthwhile discussion that is certainly worth a listen! Tune in here.