Warning this is a 2-hour life course that you don’t want to miss!

Queue it up and set aside the time. You will be rewarded

Ever meet someone and stand in awe of their genius? 

Well, have we got a show for you! 

This week’s episode features Michael Burz, CEO and Co-Founder of Enzinc, a green energy startup developing a revolutionary type of battery based on zinc. While most stories illustrate a slow and steady upward journey toward success, Michael’s story is one mind-blowing achievement after another. Get this: He’s pretty much a rocket scientist. Graduated with a masters in aerospace engineering and before becoming an entrepreneur, he designed cruise missiles, was part of Nissan’s Design Studio in the United States, where he worked on an eco-car for the Tokyo Auto Show and was program manager for Nissan’s all-carbon composite Group C car to race at Le Mans. He led the team that took a racecar from a blank page to the track in record time and under budget.

And that’s not all. Michael Burz is still at it. At present, he’s using his brilliance within the CleanTech industry to revolutionize energy storage through zinc anode batteries. We talked about his present work with Enzinc and the path that led him there, with key insights including:  

— How big transitions can sprout from small moments (as he shares the story of how a candid comment made towards him over dinner prompted his return back into designing and creating.)

— The how and why of the evolution of his entrepreneurial endeavor from electric vehicles to batteries (and how entrepreneurs can know when to pivot projects) 

— His ideology on building a highly efficient team (hint: invest more in people than technology) 

There’s honestly so much to share it feels impossible to condense it all here. But I can tell you this: you will not walk away from this episode the same. So tune in, or miss out!