Just a few weeks ago (Feb 2022), I was live and in person at the RE+NorthEast Trade Show. I LOVE in person interviews!!  Especially this one with Nadia Pabst, VP of the newly created Public Affairs Practice, a notable expansion of Antenna Group who is so well known for Marketing and PR.  From storage to solar fleets to self driving vehicles, Nadia brings a surprising breadth of experience and subject matter expertise to the political acumen clients would expect from a Public Affairs expert.

So, what’s the difference between Public Relations and Public Affairs?  How does that change the picture for the client and the industry?  Nadia explains how Public Affairs takes a holistic perspective of clean energy entrepreneurship, grid sustainability, and policy to promote and secure real growth in this fast moving industry.   

Special thanks to the folks at RE+ for setting aside a dedicated room for us at the show to be able to accommodate interviews. There will be more forthcoming like this from the RE+NE show, so make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast!