This week’s tactical Tuesday features Britta von Oesen, longtime #Solar Warrior and Clean Energy maven who currently serves as Managing Director with CohnReznick Capital where she opened the W. Coast (SF) Office. She has over a decade of experience with everything from investment banking to tax equity and development in the environmental sector and she’s done BILLIONS of dollars in transactions. Not surprisingly, we recently revealed that her 2020 episode is one of our top listened-to episodes on the show! There are back-to-back gems found all throughout, so much so that I decided to bring it back for an abridged Tactical Tuesday. 

As the Managing Director of an investment firm specifically geared towards serving the Renewable Energy sector, Britta has developed an eye for what opportunities attract investors and have the potential to maximize returns.  Today you’ll learn

– What are key elements developers should consider when getting an energy storage deal financed?

– Where do new off-take models like CCA’s (community choice aggregators) fit in this economy? 

– And her take on the role direct relationships have to play in success of shopping a deal.

Over the next 15 minutes you’ll learn this and more — let’s go! 

And if after this you are longing to queue up the longform original version of this discussion, look for Episode 235 in your podcast player.