Piper Wilder has been working with electric cooperatives for decades and has keen insight into how to partner with (and sell to) them compared with the functional process with the more traditional utility structure. 

How many electric cooperatives there are in the United States? 

What percentage of the total (of electric utilities) that represents?

What differences exist between working with Cooperatives versus traditional Utilities? 

And how might you position yourself or identify how to work with Cooperative Electric Utilities based on what you learn today? 

Piper breaks down these 5 key areas that will help you better understand how to work with a rural electric cooperative:

  • What are the 2 flavors of electric cooperative and how does each work? 
  • What are the structural operational differences between electric cooperatives and traditional utilities?
  • What if any Strategic and Planning differences exist that influence their decision-making?
  • Who should a solar developer approach within a Cooperative?
  • How do Cooperatives like to do business with power project developers?