Jon Powers, is a true [Solar]Warrior. From serving the US Army in Iraq, to becoming the first-ever Chief Sustainability Officer under the Obama administration, Jon has demonstrated passion & leadership in renewables. He was able to parlay that expertise into a strong brand and portfolio in the clean economy vis a vis his company, Clean Capital. Since I first interviewed him way back in Episode 181, Jon and team have grown to become one of the largest C&I developers & asset owners in the US market. And during they pandemic they parlayed their operating asset experience downstream to provide greenfield development support to their partners. Hear how his development capital is perhaps different from what you’ve come to understand as dev capital.

In this Live interview at RE+ Northeast, Jon and I discuss the value of in-person events & meetings in this new landscape we find ourselves in. Jon also discusses how his team has brought technology to the market to enable partners like Blackrock to get comfortable entering into these C&I transactions and portfolios.  

What could hold us back? Hear Jon’s answer to that and more on this live interview direct from Boston.

As Jon says, “When you have business owners, job creators, telling their stories [in Washington] the impact is wildly greater…so we need all of our voices to tap into this debate because it’s gonna help push us forward.”